Entrepreneur & IT expert, polyglot, survivor, learning enthusiast, embracing life with sciatica.

Hello everyone, 

I am an entrepreneur with a strong IT background, having spent 20 years honing my skills in this dynamic industry. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, my technological acumen and business insight have paved the way for a successful entrepreneurial career.

My fascination with the nuances of communication led me to dabble in multiple foreign languages, just for the sheer joy of learning. As a proud self-proclaimed geek and nerd, I derive immense satisfaction from discovering new things and constantly pushing my intellectual boundaries.

I am naturally empathetic, always striving to understand and connect with people at a deeper level. This empathy has been cultivated and enhanced by my own personal experiences. I am a proud survivor of a widow-maker heart attack and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) cancer. These life-altering experiences have shaped my resilience, taught me the value of time, and motivated me to live every moment to its fullest.

Currently, I navigate my way through life with severe sciatica, relying on crutches for mobility. Despite the physical challenges, my spirit remains undeterred, viewing this as another aspect of life to be understood and accepted.

In every part of my life, I emphasize continual learning. I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of keeping up with the pace of change, be it in technology, languages, or any other field. My curiosity knows no bounds, and I am always up for exploring new topics, eager to understand and learn more.

My life journey is a testament to my resilience, adaptability, and insatiable thirst for knowledge.


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