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I don’t always get dressed up, but when I do…


Images used on posts for this site.

Someone asked me the other day where I get all of my images for the posts. I source all of them from one site that I pay for a premium subscription, the site is called Freepik. Images used in blog posts are licensed by premium membership to Since my last post, we are getting ready to hold the viewing and funeral for my stepdad this Friday. It's been stressful and depressing for me. I know this because I've been sighing quite a bit. But since I don't generally let emotions sway me, it's difficult other than the physical sighing to tell.  Spend time with your parents when they are on the way out. Even for the several years before they pass. It's exactly what my dad mentioned several times at the breakfasts we would do almost every Sunday morning. "Paul, I really like that you make time to spend with me, it means a lot." His girlfriend would join us too, she knew my mother from the organization they both belonged to. And I think she m

Death, Loss, and Change...

With a sad heart, I lost a parent today.  I'll have more to write and add in a few days. Sorry, I've been absent for a bit.

Nurturing the Introvert-Extrovert Dynamic

Deepening Connections through Complementary Strengths With respect to interpersonal relationships, the dynamics between introverts and extroverts can be particularly fascinating. They often represent two ends of the social energy spectrum, with introverts drawing energy from solitude and introspection, while extroverts thrive on social interactions. Though these differences can lead to misunderstandings, they also offer the potential for a beautifully complementary relationship. Let’s reflect on how these contrasting personalities can deepen their connections by leveraging their unique strengths. I believe I am more Introverted than extroverted personally. I think about many things like conversations that could happen and all of the possibilities that would come of such conversations. And many times those internal conversations I have are with people that I will shortly talk to. The reason I believe I fell into that pattern of thinking was that it was easier to be open with whomeve

Just me and my thoughts today

     Very recently I received more medical diagnosis and will be undergoing some surgery in a few months. This will be to reduce my pain. I'm pretty excited and anxious about this. I don't really wanna jinx myself by saying more about it yet. I'll probably be moving to my stepdad's house to be closer to family, and that's exciting too. The near future holds many new changes for me.      Stay safe, God bless, and may you have the best of days in front of you!

Music to relax and release stress

  Definition of stress and its impact on physical and mental health.  From “Stress | CAMH" (n.d.) a “normal response” to any situation or event that causes fear or uncomfortable feelings or responses on a biological level in response to danger, threats, and other issues that arise. These can give rise to changes in physiology such as galvanic skin response, heart rate elevation, adrenaline, and other bodily responses (para. 1.)    - Brief overview of various coping mechanisms.  As we grow up, we learn to cope with stress by watching our parents and family, and how they deal with it. And later on, we also learned from our friends and acquaintances. When I attended school as a child, and up through middle school, I did not have a good impression of myself as a destructive person. I was very cautious all the time and avoided danger. I became a very massive person with respect to body weight as I became an adult. And before having a few health issues, I reached 260 pounds. Yet I a