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Someone asked me the other day where I get all of my images for the posts. I source all of them from one site that I pay for a premium subscription, the site is called Freepik.

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Since my last post, we are getting ready to hold the viewing and funeral for my stepdad this Friday. It's been stressful and depressing for me. I know this because I've been sighing quite a bit. But since I don't generally let emotions sway me, it's difficult other than the physical sighing to tell. 

Spend time with your parents when they are on the way out. Even for the several years before they pass. It's exactly what my dad mentioned several times at the breakfasts we would do almost every Sunday morning. "Paul, I really like that you make time to spend with me, it means a lot." His girlfriend would join us too, she knew my mother from the organization they both belonged to. And I think she made a huge difference in his life. Something I really appreciate about her. 


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