Clearing The Fog - James Jackson, PsyD - review of book

    I have recently encountered a highly insightful book, “Clearing The Fog,” written by one of my high school classmates, Jim Jackson, a Doctor of Psychology (Jackson, 2023). The book is centered around the theme of 'brain fog' and provides ways to mitigate it, which appears to have significant relevance to me due to my own experiences following chemotherapy.

    While the concept of 'brain fog' was initially framed in the context of COVID-19 survivors, I have found it remarkably relevant to my situation. After undergoing chemotherapy, I’ve encountered cognitive challenges which can be described as a 'fog.' Jackson's book thus holds this particular value for me, offering strategies to preserve my mental clarity and prevent a regression to that foggy state.

    What's striking is that the book also extends its relevance beyond those who've had COVID-19 or chemotherapy. It's a resource for anyone concerned about maintaining mental clarity. Even those without any current brain fog can benefit from the strategies provided, making it a preventative guide as much as a therapeutic one.

    My stepfather's early-stage Alzheimer's, an unfortunate circumstance, also seems to relate to the themes within this book. Although Alzheimer's is a specific neurodegenerative condition, its cognitive decline and confusion could be seen as a form of 'brain fog.' It is easy to see the potential parallels here; although I’m not a doctor, applying the insights within this book could be beneficial in managing my stepfather's condition and perhaps slowing its progress.

    Author Jim Jackson clearly brings his expertise to bear in this work. With his background in psychology, he's able to provide deep and professional insights, coupled with personal experiences, to create a powerful guide to combating brain fog. The depth of this book goes beyond just dealing with post-viral or chemotherapy-induced fog, it's a comprehensive exploration of mental clarity, and how to maintain it in the face of various life challenges.

    "Clearing The Fog" (Jackson, 2023) thus comes highly recommended by me, not just for its direct, personal relevance, but for its broad applicability to so many others. It's a testament to the value of shared knowledge and the power of personal experiences turned into guidance for others.

Jackson, J, PsyD. (2023). Clearing The Fog. Hachette Book Group. Retrieved June 04, 2023 from 


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