Fighting depression and having support

    The support I received helped me fight off AML cancer a few years ago. And the time with family and friends helped me get through a terrible depression and fatigue from about 3 years of fighting the cancer. Some time ago, recently I lost more family. And as I spent time with family I knew and met more family that have connected and met for saying goodbye to the family member we had just lost, I felt the energy of all of the family I had lost, and all of the family I still have. 

    Supporting loved ones during times of stress, funerals, viewings, and times of sickness is what makes us human. Makes us bond together to ensure that the loved ones we have that aren’t able to handle sickness and stress on their own have the support we can give. 

    I have lost over three dozen family members, I’ve stopped counting. Because just keeping track only serves to keep me in depression. I had deep and severe depression for a few years myself. And no amount of support really kept that from happening. 

    Instead of concentrating on the loss of family, I chose to think about the dozens of families I still have.  Seven brothers and sisters, a dozen or so aunts and uncles, over two dozen cousins, and two step-parents who deeply loved my mom and dad who passed and left behind a wonderful family. 


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