God is always with us, always listening, always sending us messages. We just need to listen.

    I'm as human as anyone else, prone to lapses in judgment. I even felt judged once, by someone from whom I sought help during my mother's passing. It was a pastor from the church I attended. The support I needed was lacking, fueling my depression and undermining my faith in the church. 

God Listens

    Yet, despite that episode, I kept praying, kept asking God for signs. And He came through, repeatedly. He also made me a pillar of strength for my friends and family. While I could weather vast amounts of stress and loss, there came a time when even I needed help. 

    One sign from God took the form of a black Cadillac that collided head-on with my Saturn SL1 one morning as I was driving home. At the wheel was a priest, identifiable by the little white square in his collar - was he Catholic? It was a seven-thousand-dollar message from God. A wake-up call that I'd been heading down the wrong path in the months leading up to that incident.

Even when I ceased attending church regularly, God remained my Shepherd.


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